Mark K Batesole, DDS, MS

Certified Orthodontic Specialist

While there are a lot of dentists doing orthodontic treatment, very few go on to do another 2-3 years of training and become a true specialist in orthodontics.

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Superior Technology Developed Right Here

After practicing for a few years using traditional methods, Dr. Batesole realized there was a gap between the results he was getting and the results he was expecting. True 3D treatment planning was first on the list of changes that had to be made to better orthodontic treatment. In fact, Dr. Batesole was on the team that brought the first 3D X-Ray Machine (Cone Beam) into the United States, and the first orthodontist in the country to utilize this technology on every patient. 3D treatment planning was next on the list to improve orthodontic results. Dr. Batesole engineered and developed robotically assisted orthodontic technology to finally bring his full vision to reality. True 3D diagnosis allows us to get all parts of your teeth in the correct position -- Including the roots. This leads to more long term stability of your results.

3D Diagnosis

True 3D diagnosis allows us to get all parts of your teeth in the correct position-- Including the roots. This leads to more long term stability of your results.

Robotic Assistance

While most practitioners "eyeball" their cases at the end. Dr Batesole measures your teeth very accurately then uses a robot to help with the finishing.

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Your time is valuable. Getting time off work and school is difficult. We recognize that. Many appointments can be made through a video chat, so you don't even have to come to the office.

Advanced Brackets

Dr. Batesole uses a special bracket that is only available to a very select few orthodontists throughout the world. These brackets not only reduce time in treatment, but allow for fewer visits.

We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do.

-- Mother Teresa

The Orthodontist: Dr Batesole

Internationally Recognized

Doctor Batesole was born and raised in Southern California and received his Bachelor of Science in Biology, from Pepperdine University, his Doctor of Dental Surgery from USC, and his Master of Science in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Loma Linda University where he has been an Assistant Professor for the last 20 years.

"I spent my 20s in a book or in a lab. Once I graduated, I swore to never let life pass me by again." The 10 years of schooling it takes to become an orthodontist had a profound impact on Dr Batesole. He coupled his love of learning with a love for life. He's a pilot, scuba diver, surfer, motorcycle rider, mountain bike rider, avid snow skier and wakeboarder-- and you guessed it, programs computers in his spare time.

"I really feel very lucky that I get asked to speak all over the world, it's allowed me to see places and meet people I wouldn't be able to otherwise."

Dr Batesole has personally treated over 20,000 satisfied patients. He's excited to bring this technology to Ventura County. Dr Batesole grew up coming to Ventura to visit his grandmother, and has always dreamed of calling this “Laidback Paradise” home -- somewhat for the access to outdoor activities, but mostly for the people.


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